The Associated Press spoke to the new Democratic members of Congress from New Mexico. Martin Heinrich, Harry Teague and Ben Ray Lujan are not officially sworn in yet, but are in Washington, D.C. for freshman orientation. Harry Teague spoke about a lottery which will determine what offices the freshmen Congressman will get."What it boils down to, you're still going to have a congressional office in the nation's capital, so the worst case scenario is still pretty darn good," Teague says. Once the keys arrive in January for the congressional office, "you need to make sure someone is in place to set up computers, answer the phones, do all the other duties that are required," Lujan says. "The amount of work and the detail that has to be given attention is incredible," he says.Heinrich: He's found the experience of being in Washington humbling. "When you see the Capitol and see the history right in front of you, it's all that much more meaningful the trust your constituents gave you," he says.

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