Peter St. Cyr reports there is no mayoral run in the future for Darren White. At least at the moment, despite what our favorite blogger Joe Monahan is reporting. Is this another showing of Monahan putting out some random rumor in hope of it generating conversation? Perhaps, but in this case, St. Cyr actually spoke to the person who was rumored to make the move.Joe Monahan incorrectly reported Sheriff Darren White was considering a run for ABQ Mayor next fall. NOT TRUE JOE. White told us tonight, "No Way!" He would not say what he was going to do in two years, but said he's happy being Bernalillo County Sheriff now.Hmm... Just sayin... The Mayoral run in 2009 will be a big one. Will Chavez run? (probably) Who else will run? Will either the Democrats or Republicans be able to limit their own candidates to avoid giving Chavez a clear chance for victory? After all, a crowded mayoral race gives the advantage to the incumbent -- in this case, Chavez. We'll see in a few short months. But for now, at least, White says he is not running. Let's see if that Monahan rumor continues to be that -- just a rumor. We'll see a lot of rumors in the months to come.

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