Keep May Ellen, of Democracy New Mexico, in your thoughts. From that blog:Mary Ellen is going in for some surgery in the wee hours of the morning tomorrow (Thursday) and, of course, I'll be with her. We're not sure yet if she'll get out the same day or have to stay one to three nights in the hospital. We won't really know until it happens. Many of you probably know how vague doctors can be. The docs think they can do the procedure using laparoscopy, in which case it'll be much easier on her (and us). We're hoping that's what happens so she can avoid an incision, but there's no guarantee. It should be a rather routine operation either way -- if there is such a thing as a routine operation for the person having it!So please keep Mary Ellen and Barb in your thoughts and prayers tomorrow (or today). Something all of us, no matter our political inclinations, can agree on.  

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