Lame duck Rep. Steve Pearce may be going after the spot of state GOP chair. Current chairman Allen Weh is not running for re-election after a disastrous cycle for the Republicans. This year, the Republicans not only lost every federal seat (two House seats and a Senate seat, in addition to Democrats keeping Tom Udall's House seat), but also lost a number of state legislature seats, including some that didn't appear to be on the watchlist. So how do we know he's thinking about it?A number of Republican sources said Pearce spoke with several county Republican Party chairs about the possibility during a conference call earlier this week. Word of the call has spread quickly, and the possibility of Pearce attempting to lead the GOP back to prominence is being widely discussed in Republican circles today. A Pearce spokesman would not confirm the conversations took place.Pearce ran as a hard-line conservative in both the primary and the general election. And, as such, he won over the conservative base. In the primary, it worked, but in the general election, he lost by over twenty points to Udall. Many Republicans feel that Heather Wilson, Pearce's primary opponent, would have fared better in the general election. Wilson is considered more moderate than Pearce. So will the Republican Party swing further to the right under a Steve Pearce leadership? Probably. They will be fighting against the tide in two years, and will need to pull off a victory in the gubernatorial election of that year to have any chance of stopping further losses through redistricting in 2010. This will be a test case to see if Republicans really should go further right -- even though the further right candidates this year failed in New Mexico and nationwide when compared to a more progressive choice.

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