It looks like Hillary Clinton will be Secretary of State, the spot that Bill Richardson was thought to have a chance at. So will Richardson get a spot in the Obama administration? And if so, what? Michael Coleman of the Albuquerque Journal says Commerce Secretary may be where Richardson lands.So, I'm asking everyone I talk to about Richardson's chances, and for the past couple of days, people (including some whose opinion I really value) have been telling me he's a potential Commerce Secretary. We all know he really wants Secretary of State, but conventional wisdom says unless Hillary decides she doesn't want to be America's top diplomat, Richardson should expect something else. And maybe he should expect something else, even if Hillary doesn't take it. Why not Commerce? It's not as sexy as Sec/State, but it's got a little more pizazz than Interior Secretary. And forget about that Ambassador to China speculation, say people who know Richardson well. He doesn't want it. United Nations Ambassador? Been there, done that, but he still might consider it, I'm told.Coleman cites the fact that Penny Pritzker, Obama's buddy, doesn't want the job. There are more rumors than you can shake a stick at -- but we'll probably find out whether or not Richardson is headed to D.C. after Thanksgiving.

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